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Archives: November 2014

  • Understanding Comprehensive Cancer Care

    November 26, 2014
    When it comes to cancer care, the word “comprehensive” is thrown around quite a bit. It has come to be synonymous with excellence in care - interchangeable with superior cancer treatment. But what does comprehensive cancer care really mean? And why is it so important? In the case of cancer care, comprehensive care means - or should mean - taking...read more
  • Is There a Way to Preserve Hair During Chemo?

    November 14, 2014
    While it’s true that chemotherapy and hair loss just seem to go hand-in-hand, there have been breakthroughs that can change all that. While not 100 percent effective in every single case, a revolutionary new means for preserving hair can help cancer patients tackle this side effect that is often so very troubling. The breakthrough therapy is called a chemo cold...read more
  • Eating Right During Cancer Treatments

    November 3, 2014
    Your doctor has told you time and again that eating right is critical as you’re undergoing cancer treatments. He, however, isn’t dealing with the stress, nausea, mouth sores, and general discomforts that you must face. While his plan clearly is a smart one, getting your body to behave long enough to benefit from proper nourishment just doesn’t seem to...read more

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