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Archives: November 2016

  • Tumor Stage May Explain Racial Disparities in Colon Cancer Survival

    November 24, 2016
    Colon cancer strikes an estimated 95,000 Americans each year. For many people, this disease is caught in its earliest stages and is considered highly treatable. Unfortunately, this disease does still claim lives. Researchers, for example, have long been aware that outcomes for non-whites tend to be less positive. They haven’t, however, completely understood the reasons behind the disparity. A...read more
  • Radiation Misinformation May Delay Crucial Treatment

    November 14, 2016
    Anyone who grew up with the threat of the Cold War hanging over their heads knows radiation is a bad thing. After all, as the movie “War Games” pointed out, deployment of nuclear weapons can only lead to a lose-lose situation. Be that as it may, radiation in small doses does not pose the threat that many believe. In...read more

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