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Archives: April 2019

  • These Lifestyle Changes Could Reduce Your Risk of Cancer

    April 27, 2019
    According to research, there is a one in three chance of Americans developing cancer. The risk varies with every type of cancer and from person to person depending on environmental factors and lifestyle. Some people are born already prone to certain cancers because of their genetics but generally, research shows that about 75 to 80 percent of cancers are avoidable with some lifestyle changes. What adjustments...read more
  • Getting Ready for Cancer Treatment

    April 16, 2019
    As much as you read about and talk to other people about cancer, you can never be fully prepared. The treatment process is for the patient to experience and their loved ones to empathize with and support. It is not an easy journey and some parts of this journey remain unknown until you experience them. Preparation helps put the mind at ease though and...read more

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