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Archives: May 2020

  • Dr. Raetasha Dabney, MD Explains The Relationship Between Genes, Mutations and Cancer

    May 14, 2020
    Southlake, TX – May 14, 2020–Cancer occurs when the genetic composition of body cells changes. Genes are DNA pieces that control how body cells function, and they can affect your chance of getting cancer and other diseases. When active genes encounter an abnormal change, their function in the body changes and causes problems within the cell. “Cancer, in some cases,...read more
  • Should You Get PSA Tests When you’re Over 75 Years?

    It is recommended to start PSA screening at age 40 to 50 depending on your risks. Major professional bodies are against PSA screening for older adults with low life expectancy. They are concerned about patients being over-diagnosed and overtreated. Prostate cancer is often referred to as an old man’s disease, and many patients don’t die from prostate cancer, but from...read more
  • Gaining Weight can Help Minimize Breast Cancer Risks before Menopause

    New research has discovered that women who gain weight before menopause can reduce their risk of breast cancer. Weight may protect early adulthood women against breast cancer. A lot of women die from breast cancer in the United States. During a recent study; Researchers explored previous findings to discover if weight gain in women between 18 and 40 years affected their...read more
  • Colon Cancer Can be Prevented, Treated and Cured

    Colorectal cancer is among some of the commonly diagnosed cancers. It begins in rectum or colon, which are part of the digestive system. When polyps start growing in the colon, they can become cancerous with time. Screening tests can help identify and remove polyps before they become cancer. This will help to treat it effectively. It is recommended for men...read more

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