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Archives: September 2020

  • Southlake Oncology is a Community-Focused Oncology Practice

    September 19, 2020
    Southlake, TX – September 19, 2020 - Southlake Oncology is devoted to whole-patient cancer care in Texas. The community-focused cancer center provides exceptional care to patients in North Texas. They are committed to providing patients with integrated therapies that treat the whole person. With a whole-patient approach to cancer care, the center creates comprehensive treatment plans that include patients'...read more
  • Chemotherapy for Covid-19 Cancer Patients is Not Risky

    Immunotherapy and chemotherapy have zero adverse effects on cancer patients diagnosed with Covid-19, according to research. Cancer patients infected with Covid-19 from Italy, UK, Germany, and Spain took part in the study. The research took place in 19 hospitals located in the four countries. According to the study, some cancer patients showed positive outcomes when given hydroxychloroquine drugs. However, some studies...read more
  • Can Antiandrogens Treat Human Glioblastomas?

    Glioblastomas are human brain tumors that invade the normal brain tissue. Therefore, glioblastoma progresses fast, as nothing slows down the growth of brain cancer. There’s a high volume of androgen receptors in GBM- intrinsic therapy-resistant. Can Antiandrogens be used to Kill Glioblastoma (GBM)? Anti-androgens slow down the pace at which cancer repairs damaged DNA instigated by treatment. The slow down...read more
  • Can You Have Colon Cancer without Any Symptoms?

    Colon cancer is the world’s third most common type of cancer, and fourth when it comes to the causes of cancer-associated deaths. The complex disease is linked to both lifestyle and genetic factors. To reduce death and suffering, oncologists conduct tests to prevent colon cancer or spot it at its earliest stages. Can You Have Colon Cancer without Any Symptoms? The short...read more
  • Alternative Cancer Treatments – What You Need to Know

    The American Society of Clinical Oncology conducted a survey that showed that nearly 40 percent of Americans believe that alternative therapies alone can treat cancer. But the evidence points to the contrary – there's a higher mortality rate among individuals who use alternative treatments instead of conventional cancer treatments. The terms "complementary," "alternative," and "lifestyle" medicine often refer to various...read more

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