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Archives: October 2020

  • Health Experts Recommending Earlier Screenings for Lung Cancer

    October 19, 2020
    The American Cancer Society confirms that lung cancer has the highest cancer mortality rate in women and men. Lung cancer does not show any signs in its initial stage. According to doctors, the best way to diagnose lung cancer in the early stage is early screening. The current lung cancer screening law states that only people who have 30 pack...read more
  • Southlake Oncology Offers State-Of-The-Art Breast Cancer Treatments

    October 12, 2020
    Southlake, TX – October 5, 2020 – Southlake Oncology is renowned for its efforts in using the newest developments in cancer care to get their patients treated. Their physicians support patients throughout the whole journey of cancer treatment. They interact with patients and their families to understand their unique conditions and offer individualized care. The center has a cancer...read more
  • Breast Cancer Surgery: What You Should Know

    When a physician discovers a lump during breast biopsy, he/she may recommend breast cancer surgery. Patients can have numerous questions about the procedure and other available treatment options. Breast cancer comprises one or more of the procedures listed below: Mastectomy – Removal of breast tissue Lumpectomy – Getting rid of cancerous cells and surrounding tissues Double mastectomy – Removal of the two breast...read more
  • Study Shows Lack of Knowledge about Colonoscopy among High-Risk Patients

    Colon cancer is the third leading cause of cancer deaths in America. More than 90% of colorectal cancer patients are more than 50 years old. The risk factors for colon cancer include: Advanced colorectal polyps Overweight and obesity Type 2 diabetes Physical inactivity Genetic syndrome (like Lynch syndrome) Inflammatory bowel disease Family history of colon cancer. Patients with advanced polyps have a three times higher risk of getting...read more

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