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Archives: November 2020

  • Southlake Oncology is focused on curing and extending the life of cancer patients

    November 16, 2020
    Southlake, TX – Nov 16, 2020 – Southlake Oncology has enhanced cancer care standards by investing in ever-evolving treatment technologies. The center uses innovative therapies to treat various cancers. The implementation of such treatments has helped cure patients and extend many people's lives with advanced, incurable disease. In the past years, there have been revolutionary advances in cancer diagnosis and...read more
  • Foods and Medications that Lower Risk of Bowel Cancer

    Colorectal cancer is one of the most common illnesses in Western countries. Fortunately, the disease develops slowly, so it provides opportunities for prevention and intervention.Early detection increases the chances of intervention.  Researchers confirm that lifestyle changes and some medications lower the risk of colorectal cancer. Reduce the Risk of Colorectal Cancer According to a review, dairy products, vegetables, fruits, soy,...read more
  • Advances In Radiation Therapy for Breast Cancer

    The annual prevalence of breast cancer stands at 270,000 women. The treatment has usually included surgery, followed by radiation to eliminate the risk of re-occurrence. Today there are significant advancements in treating breast cancer. Here are some of the improvements: The Prone Position Reduces the Risk of Radiation Radiation can affect the lungs and heart, especially if the left breast is...read more
  • The Difference Between Screening and Diagnostic Mammography

    Screening and diagnostic mammography can be confusing for women, although the aim, process, and focus of imaging are different for the two. To help you understand the difference between diagnostic and screening mammography, here are some explanations. The Aim of the Examination Diagnostic mammography investigates abnormalities in the breast identified through self or clinical examinations. The imaging focuses on an area...read more

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