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  • Nicotine Aids in the Spread of Lung Cancer to the Brain

    July 13, 2020
    A new study has confirmed that nicotine helps lung cancer to spread to the brain. Nicotine is not carcinogenic but is mainly responsible for the addictive nature of cigarettes. It is used in a lot of products like nicotine patches, which help people quit smoking. According to the new study, nicotine is very harmful, especially for lung cancer patients. About 40%...read more
  • The Connection between Colorectal Cancer and Blood Infections

    June 15, 2020
    According to new research, there’s a link between blood infections and colorectal cancer. The infections are caused by anaerobic bacteria in the blood. Certain blood infections increase your risk of developing colorectal cancer. The study is designed to help doctors to effectively screen patients for colorectal cancer. Risk factors for colorectal cancer include age, genetic syndromes, family history of the...read more
  • Colon Cancer Can be Prevented, Treated and Cured

    May 14, 2020
    Colorectal cancer is among some of the commonly diagnosed cancers. It begins in rectum or colon, which are part of the digestive system. When polyps start growing in the colon, they can become cancerous with time. Screening tests can help identify and remove polyps before they become cancer. This will help to treat it effectively. It is recommended for men...read more
  • Chemotherapy before Surgery Can Help Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Patients Undergo Lumpectomy

    April 15, 2020
    Triple-negative breast cancer has no receptors for estrogen and progesterone hormones, as well as the HER2 protein. That's why there are limited medicines for treating it. Evidence from a clinical trial has shown that triple-negative breast cancer patients who receive neoadjuvant chemotherapy before their scheduled surgery can be eligible for a lumpectomy. About half of those diagnosed with the early-stage...read more
  • Quitting Smoking Restores Healthy Lung Cells

    March 14, 2020
    Smoking is the primary causal factor for lung cancer, and quitting can help reduce the risk of developing the disease. The latest research has revealed that people who quit smoking allow their bodies to replenish the lungs with healthy non-cancerous cells that protect the lungs and lower the risk for cancer. Cancer forms whenever cells undergo genetic changes (mutations) that...read more
  • How Radon Gas is linked to Lung Cancer Risk

    February 14, 2020
    Most lung cancer deaths are caused by cigarette smoking. Reports say that cigarette smokers are likely to develop and die from lung cancer than those who don't smoke.  The association between lung cancer and radon gas is not very common, but radon is still linked to 15% of lung cancers across the world. Radon is a radioactive gas that results...read more
  • The Link between Flavonoids and Colorectal Cancer Prevention

    January 17, 2020
    Fruits and vegetables contain natural compounds known as flavonoids. Scientists discovered that these compounds could prevent colorectal cancer, but the underlying biology has never been fully understood. Most cancers are linked to dietary factors. Researchers are still finding ways to confirm various foods that help in cancer prevention. In recent research; It was revealed that a molecular mechanism – 2,4,6-trihydroxybenzoic acid (2,4,6-THBA)...read more

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