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7 Ways to Reduce Your Risk for Cancer

When it comes to preventing cancer, we’ve both bad and good news.

Well, the bad news is that experts haven’t designed a foolproof approach to prevent it. But the good news is we can all take steps to significantly reduce the risk. While cancer can be genetic, you can do a number of things to prevent it. They include:

Quit smoking-If you still smoke, you should resolve to quit. Quitting doesn’t only lower your risk for developing lung cancer, but it lowers your risk of kidney, stomach, pancreatic, and bladder cancers as well.

  • Keep a healthy weight-Aim at ensuring your body mass index is thin the recommended healthy range and preferably closer to the lower end. After not smoking, keeping a healthy weight is another important thing you should do to lower cancer risk, says American Institute for Cancer Research. The reason is excessive body fat may trigger the release of cancer-causing hormones.
  • Eat more plants-Veggies, fruits, beans, and whole grains have phytochemicals-chemicals that protect cells against damage. Foods from plants have lower calories too, which can help you put your weight in check.
  • Move around-Unlike the sedentary folks, people who exercise often are less likely to develop certain cancers. Activity doesn’t only regulate hormones, but it also reduces the likelihood of being obese.
  • Go for regular cancer screenings-It’s possible to catch precancerous changes in the colon or cervix that may be treated before becoming cancerous. Other individuals can catch cancer early when it’s easily treatable. Meet your primary care provider to discuss the screening arrangements.
  • Minimize exposure to sun-The UV rays from the sun can change the cells’ DNA, leading to cancerous skin growth. To avoid this, wear sunscreen to minimize exposure. Also, seek shade between 10.00am and 2.00pm when the sun emits the strongest rays.
  • Limit alcohol intake-Alcohol is associated with throat, oral, liver, breast, and colon cancers. If you decide to drink, you should exercise moderation.

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