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A Little ‘Me Time’ is Time Well Spent During Cancer Treatments

When it comes to cancer the old saying that the cure is worse than the disease oftentimes fits. After all, surgery, radiation and chemotherapy treatments are grueling and they can take their toll on the body, mind and spirit. Since maintaining a positive attitude in the face of it all is important for battling this disease and so are those treatments, it’s wise to take time out to recharge the batteries. A little “me time” now and again can help with not only attitude, but also fatigue, pain and a host of other symptoms that tend to go along with this condition.

Here are just a few of the little “me time” indulgences that can help make enduring cancer treatment just a bit more bearable:

  • Get a massage – As long as post-surgical concerns aren’t an issue, a massage is a great way to rest, relax and let go of some of the tension that tends to go along with battling illness. Massages are also excellent for helping alleviate little muscles aches and pains that can go along with extended treatments, especially if fatigue is an issue.
  • Consider acupuncture – While this might seem like an unusual recommendation, many cancer survivors says acupuncture helps with pain management and also nausea abatement – an important consideration during chemo treatments.
  • Meditate – This peaceful act is wonderful for clearing the mind while enabling it to focus on the positive. It’s also a great way to relax and unwind. Consider basic breathing exercises to help with any anxiety-related issues. Visualization techniques can also assist with maintaining that positive attitude that’s so important for beating any illness.
  • Have fun – As impossible as this might sound, just letting go and having a good time and a good laugh can make it all more bearable. Watch a funny movie with friends or family, go for a scenic drive, take a refreshing dip in a pool – whatever makes you happy and helps you unwind.

While cancer treatments will take up much of your life for a time, they shouldn’t dominate it entirely. Take some time out to rest, relax and recharge. A little “me time” can go a long way in helping you maintain a positive outlook.

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