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An Aspirin A Day Might Keep Obesity Cancer Risk at Bay

The link between obesity and a host of serious, potentially fatal conditions has long been known. Losing weight has been shown to reduce these risks dramatically. Even so, not everyone can shed the necessary pounds as quickly as they’d like to help prevent illness. New research is showing that regular aspirin therapy might help those who are obese in lowering their risks for at least one potential health-related concern. It seems aspirin can reverse or at least lower obesity-related cancer risks.

To arrive at these findings, researchers from Newcastle University and the University of Leeds teamed up for a study. They found that obesity can more than double the risk of bowel cancer in people who have Lynch syndrome. The team also discovered, over the course of its 10-year study, that the risk of cancer development could be counteracted by using a regular dose of aspirin.

While a complete understanding of how aspirin can help combat cancer risks isn’t yet available, researchers suggest it may serve to reduce the inflammation process that is associated with higher risks. Obesity is known to increase the inflammatory response. Aspirin, in turn, is known to help reduce inflammation.

The study involved some 937 people. Part of the group took two aspirins daily for two years while the other part took a placebo. At the 10-year mark, 55 people had developed colorectal cancers with those who were obese more than twice as likely to develop it. Patients who took aspirins, however, presented with the exact same risk level regardless of obesity.

People who are obese are urged to work with their healthcare providers to shed pounds in a healthy, safe manner. Doing so can greatly reduce the risk for a variety of conditions, including certain forms of cancer, heart disease and diabetes. As the pounds are addressed, a few aspirin a day might help shield risks for some forms of cancer. Check with a healthcare provider for more information and case-particular advice.

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