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Who are the Breast Cancer Specialists?

Specialists are doctors who are trained in a specific area of medicine and certified by the specialty board. Choosing a breast cancer doctor is an important decision for a patient. Your primary doctor will refer you to one or several specialists who work together as a team in most cases.

Chances of getting the best care are high if all your healthcare professionals are involved from the beginning – during diagnosis. This will help as they will work together as a team during the course of your treatment.

Below are breast cancer specialists:

  • Medical oncologist – Is a doctor with specialty in the medical treatment of cancer. Medical oncologists have knowledge of cancer behaviors, growth and how to administer medical treatment. They can also figure out the risks of breast cancer recurring, and the need for additional treatments like hormonal therapy, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy. Medical oncologist manages the overall cancer medical care, monitors the patient’s health during treatment, and coordinates medical care before and after treatment.
  • Surgical oncologist – Is a doctor specializing in the surgical treatment of cancer. They perform biopsies and other operations like removing a breast or lump.
  • Breast surgeon – Is a physician who specializes in surgical removal of lymph nodes and breast tumors while saving the breast. They also perform biopsies to treat or diagnose cancer.
  • Pathologist – Is a physician who analyzes tissue samples using a microscope to identify the presence of cancer, its size, how many lymph nodes have cancer or whether surgery removed all the cancer.

Other specialists include plastic surgeons who specialize in breast reconstruction, radix-rays, CT scans, and other forms of imaging and radiation oncologists who administer radiation treatments. The other health care professionals that help in the treatment process of breast cancer include oncology nurses, radiation technologists, and radiation physicists. The American Board of Medical Specialties directory can assist in finding the best specialists for breast cancer treatment.


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