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Cancer Care in North Texas: The Possible Treatment Options

Cancer is a disease that might seem terrifying, but with the developments in recent technology, the situation has drastically improved. Today, there are several therapy methods available, which you can choose from depending on the situation you’re in. These can be done in tandem, or individually.

  • Cancer Surgery: This involves the removal of a body part to treat cancer, and it is the most fundamental treatment available. It can even diagnose the cancer, and alleviate the symptoms. It can be used in conjunction with other treatments as well, like chemotherapy and radiation.
  • Chemotherapy and radiation: Chemotherapy uses medications to help in treating cancer, and is highly effective. It targets both healthy and cancerous cells, and kills them. It targets the entire body. It can impact either the growth or eliminate the cancer entirely. Radiation uses gamma or x rays to deal with cancer. This is a more focused method which aims to specifically destroy only cancerous cells. This can be either done by an external machine, or internally, with injection of miniscule radioactive pellets into your body.
  • Hormone therapy and pain management: This is also called endocrine therapy, and involves the modification of your body’s hormones with pills and injections to reduce cancer growth. It is effective especially in breast and prostate cancer. Dealing with pain is also vital- ensure that you always report any abnormal pain. Good nutrition is also something you need to ensure that you have a healthy and balanced diet.

In addition, complementary and integrative medicine, also called CAM, uses non-standard methods to help patients- though not conventional, it can be combined with treatments to help patients. Proper support is essential, as well as a good doctor-patient relationship, to help during your cancer treatment. Make sure you discuss all your options with your physician to get the best possible cancer care in North Texas.

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