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Chemotherapy for Covid-19 Cancer Patients is Not Risky

Immunotherapy and chemotherapy have zero adverse effects on cancer patients diagnosed with Covid-19, according to research.

Cancer patients infected with Covid-19 from Italy, UK, Germany, and Spain took part in the study. The research took place in 19 hospitals located in the four countries.

According to the study, some cancer patients showed positive outcomes when given hydroxychloroquine drugs. However, some studies report that the anti-malaria drug led to higher mortality.

Findings include:

  • UK cancer patients with Covid-19 registered higher mortality than patients from the other three countries.
  • Over 65 people with pre-existing conditions and men,experienced severe Covid-19 symptoms than cancer patients who had Covid-19.
  • The rate of mortality for breast cancer patients was 15% in all the four countries
  • A third of cancer patients died between the end of February and the beginning of April.
  • Out of the 890 patients who were in the study, more than 50% were men, over 400 patients had pre-existing conditions, the average age was 68, and 330 had advanced cancer.

One of the study leaders noted that patients postponed or skipped cancer treatment appointments. Since the pandemic hit, some patients found it challenging to access cancer care.

Chemotherapy and immunotherapy don’t influence the mortality rate of cancer patients who test positive for Covid-19. The safety rate of the treatment depends on the individual patient’s risk factors and circumstances.

The study confirms that there was no difference in outcome for patients who had not gone or gone for chemotherapy just before diagnosis with Covid-19.

The researchers concluded that withholding cancer treatment from patients who test positive for Covid-19, increases mortality and morbidity as a result of cancer. They feel that the impact could be worse than mortality and morbidity due to Covid-19.

However, there is a need for more research to establish which cancer patients are at risk and ways to protect themselves from Coronavirus.

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