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Common Cancer Care Services in Texas

Cancer centers offer more than just cancer treatment services.  Many offer comprehensive cancer care services to ensure optimal wellbeing of the patients and caregivers. While the services offered may vary from one center to another, below are the most common cancer care services in Texas.

  • Cancer treatment-This is the primary cancer care service provided by all cancer centers in Texas. The centers are equipped and have qualified personnel to diagnose and treat cancer using approaches such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy, hormone therapy, or surgery, among others.
  • Specialized cancer treatment-Treatment procedures vary for different types of cancer. Most cancer clinics objective is providing patients with specialized treatment for particular types of cancer. Some cancer clinics only offer treatment for specific type of cancer e.g. prostate cancer center.
  • Integrative cancer treatment-While these kinds of treatments do not cure cancer, they help to alleviate cancer related symptoms during treatment. Some common integrative treatments include acupuncture, aromatherapy, yoga, meditation and exercise, music therapy, and massage therapy, among others.
  • Support groups-Some cancer centers have social workers and counsellors who can be reached by cancer patients and caregivers for support. They also schedule regular support group meeting to allow for interaction between patients, survivors, caregivers and cancer specialists for information sharing and moral support.
  • Personal care services. Many cancer care professionals understand that treatments and coping with cancer can be overwhelming for both the caregivers and patients. They therefore provide facilities for self care such as relaxing infusion rooms that are furnished with cozy items like warm blankets and recliner seats where caregivers and patients can take time to recoop.
  • Community programs-Cancer centers also aim to educate and prevent cancer. Some centers carry out community programs whereby they do outreach programs to educate the community about pancreatic cancer causes, prevention and treatment.

When looking for cancer care services in Texas, consider a center that offers full range of services.

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