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Getting Compassionate Cancer Care in Texas

When you receive a cancer diagnosis, you are faced with many challenges. You have to deal with the shocking discovery, and at the same time have to make immediate decisions about your care. First, you have to look for an oncologist who will handle your type of cancer. Choosing a cancer doctor is a decision that will affect your survival and quality of life.

Below are things to consider when choosing compassionate cancer care:

  • Insurance coverage – Getting a cancer center and oncologist who is covered under your insurance plan will help cut the costs of cancer treatment. You can check your policy or contact your insurance providers to know if your treatment will be covered by insurance or not.
  • The affiliation of your oncologist with other hospitals or care providers – Oncologists usually practice as part of a cancer center or hospital system. You can look for a cancer care center that meets your particular needs. Your preferred oncologist can be part of a multidisciplinary team comprising of surgeons, physical therapists, radiation oncologists and palliative care physicians, among others.
  • Access to clinical trials – There are more advances in cancer treatment that come from testing new treatments through clinical trials. New drugs and procedures are tested in studies that you can be part of. A clinical trial offers an opportunity for you to get treatment that may turn out to be more effective than that which is offered to everyone. Talk to the doctor regarding clinical trials that can address your needs.
  • The location of your care facility – It’s good to look for a cancer center that is close to your home. Sometimes you may not find a nearby cancer center or the particular therapies and clinical trials you need. In such a case, you’ll have to weigh the possibility of finding boarding facilities near your cancer care center. 
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When looking for compassionate cancer care, it is better to do your homework. Comprehensive cancer care centers have innovative equipment and professionals who can handle your cancer case to the end. Your primary physician can recommend the best oncologists and cancer centers in your region. By researching online, you will find databases that can help you find the best centers offering compassionate cancer care.

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