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Eating Right During Cancer Treatments

Your doctor has told you time and again that eating right is critical as you’re undergoing cancer treatments. He, however, isn’t dealing with the stress, nausea, mouth sores, and general discomforts that you must face. While his plan clearly is a smart one, getting your body to behave long enough to benefit from proper nourishment just doesn’t seem to be in the cards.

Are there things you can do to change that? You bet! Here are just a few tips that can help you maintain a more or less healthy and normal eating routine during even the most aggressive therapies:

• Steer clear of foods that taste funny – Chemo can wreak havoc with your taste buds leaving foods you once loved tasting awful. This can add to your overall sense of nausea and make eating just downright unpleasant. Experiment with different foods and try different flavors to see what appeals the most during treatments. As long as a food isn’t expressly prohibited during treatment, you’re okay going with what tastes right and battles that awful metallic residue in your mouth.

• Eat smaller – You don’t have to sit down to a six course dinner every night to benefit from nourishment. In fact, you’re better off not trying. Instead, eat smaller, more frequent meals. A few bites of vegetables or a bowl of cereal is better than nothing. Eat and then try again later.

• Go low-fat – Weight gain is an annoying side effect of chemo for many. Avoid this by making sure foods consumed are low in fat. It can also help to try and work gentle exercise into the mix.

• Be mouth friendly – Mouth sores are just part of the treatment process, but that doesn’t mean you have to take them lying down. Be sure to rinse the mouth out with salt water on a regular basis and to avoid very hot or very spicy foods. These can just inflame an already uncomfortable situation.

• Drink lots of water – Hydration is critical for keeping your body in balance during treatments. It can also ease problems with constipation that may arise for some. If plain water tastes funny, consider flavored mineral water to battle that metallic taste.

Eating right isn’t easy, but it’s a must. Experiment to find out what works for you and don’t overdo. A little at a time can make all the difference.

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