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Find the Best Oncologist

When there’s a very important job at hand, it must be won. Qualified applicants submit their credentials to the decision makers and, if they are chosen as a result, participate in an interview that allows them to relate their experience and attributes to the hiring party. If we know that we’re the best fit for the job, we do everything in our power to make sure that our potential employer understands what we are able to bring to the table.

In the world of cancer care, there’s no more important of a job than that of oncologist. Charged with managing their patients’ varied diagnoses, cancer care doctors assess the information at hand, put together a customized treatment plan, and work with their patients and their support team to provide the most effective therapy. Choosing an oncologist when you have been diagnosed with cancer is a big deal and shouldn’t be done without the thorough vetting that any job applicant would go through to get an important job.

If you have found one or several doctors that you are interested in using, do yourself a favor and research each one thoroughly to ensure that they are not only the best person for the job but the best person for you.

Look at each oncologist’s experience – not just with cancer treatment in general but in treating your particular type of cancer. Where did they study and train? How many cases have they handled? What has been their success rate?

Pay attention to their commitment to staying on the cutting-edge. New advancements in cancer care happen every day. Make sure that the oncologist you choose is plugged into the latest research and is passionate about passing on new, exciting therapies to their patients.

Make sure they fit your style. What is each doctor’s treatment “style”? Are they open to answering questions at any time? What kind of support team do they have in the office and are they helpful? Whatever level of care you need – whether it’s clinical and factual or warm and fuzzy – choose an oncologist that fits with your personality so that you receive the care that will serve you best.

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