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Getting Advanced Cancer Treatment at a Southlake Clinic

In this day and age, patients are diagnosed with different kinds of cancer. It is normal for patients to feel scared and confused when they learn about their required treatment for cancer. The treatment varies depending on the kind of cancer and what stage it has reached.

Different types of treatments for cancer

Radiation Therapy

Radiation therapy is a cancer treatment that works by emitting high, intense doses of radiation into the body. The emission of rays destroys the cancer cells and reduces the tumors.

How Does This Treatment Work Against Cancer?

Radiation therapy treatments work by delivering high amounts of radiation to slow down the growth of cancer cells and to damage the DNA of the cancer cells. Once the DNA is impaired at a point beyond repair, the cancer cells either stop dividing or just simply die.

Patients should not expect radiation therapy to kill the cancerous cells immediatley. The results of the treatment may take days or weeks. It takes time for the DNA to be damaged enough for the cancer cells to perish.


Chemotherapy is one of the most common treatments used for treating cancer. The disadvantage of chemotherapy treatments is that while it kills the monstrous cancer cells, it also takes on the healthy cells.

How Does This Treatment Work Against Cancer?

Chemotherapy is one of the treatments for cancer that helps slow or stops the development of cancer cells. Chemotherapy shrinks down the tumors or cancerous cells and reduces the chances of its return.


Immunotherapy is another kind of cancer treatment performed by oncologists. The treatment focuses on building the patient’s immune system to be strong enough to fight the cancer cells. The immune system is comprised of white blood cells that are very powerful and forceful in fighting against infections or other diseases.

How Does This Treatment Work Against Cancer

Oncologists have found out that one of the reasons why cancerous cells are easily able to grow and flourish is due to the fact that they can hide and conceal from the body’s immune system. Immunotherapy works by improving and enhancing the immune system, so it is resilient against the cancer cells dividing and spreading. Other immunotherapies work by marking the cancerous cells so that the immune system is able to detect and destroy the cancer cells easily.


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