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Getting Ready for Cancer Treatment

As much as you read about and talk to other people about cancer, you can never be fully prepared. The treatment process is for the patient to experience and their loved ones to empathize with and support. It is not an easy journey and some parts of this journey remain unknown until you experience them. Preparation helps put the mind at ease though and makes you feel like you are in control of some things as opposed to feeling helpless.

The one thing people like to be in control of is their lives. Making plans to ensure life flows smoothly is a step in the right direction, even if it means delegating these activities to someone else. Coordinating activities can be a headache but with the help of a useful tool it can all flow smoothly. Things to do in preparation for treatment include:

  • Write down a list of all the things you want to keep running as you continue treatment. It can include everyday activities like making dinner, packing school lunches, shopping for groceries, school drops and pick-ups from activities, doing the laundry and anything else relevant for you like rides to your doctor’s appointment.
  • You can use a platform like MyLifeLine to coordinate everyone and get the support you need. Knowing that people are helping you takes your mind off the stress of doing all the work.
  • A community to talk to and help is very vital to the treatment process. Research says it improves treatment outcomes by about 20 percent. So essentially, having a strong support system will help you get better. You may not necessarily want to talk about cancer and the people around you will understand that but it is important to talk nonetheless.

Walk this journey with family and friends and the load will become lighter. It may be difficult at first but it gets better as you go along. 

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