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Why Integrative Cancer Treatment Therapy in Texas May be Offered

Cancer is a scary diagnosis no matter its stage or aggressiveness. Many people hear the word and think the worst, preferring to have it cut out and eradicated immediately. When their doctors come back recommending integrative cancer treatment therapy in Texas instead of more traditional surgical procedures they may find themselves a little taken aback. There are, however, very good reasons why healthcare providers recommend newer treatments in place of or in addition to a traditional route of surgery, chemotherapy and/or external beam radiation.

Here are just a few reasons why doctors may recommend an integrative cancer treatment therapy in Texas:

  • There is no need for immediate intervention – In some circumstances, a tumor may be considered so slow-growing that traditional intervention may do more harm than good. In certain prostate cancer cases, for example, active surveillance can safeguard a patient from the effects of cancer while sparing side effect risks associated with treatment.
  • There is a strong desire for precision in treatment – Proton beam therapy for several different types of cancers may provide greater precision in sparing nearby healthy tissue during the irradiating process. This, in turn, can lead to a successful treatment that produces fewer side effects. In the same vein, prostate seed implants, or brachytherapy, may help a man successfully battle prostate cancer without the need for invasive surgery or treatment that poses a higher risk of side effects.
  • Other treatments are not working – When more traditional routes, such as surgery and radiation, are not producing the desired results, integrative or newer treatments may be recommended. Immunotherapy in certain lung cancer patients, for example, is showing tremendous promise when other options have been exhausted.

Traditional treatments such as surgery, chemotherapy and radiation continue to play a very big role in patient care. Integrative cancer treatment therapy in Texas, however, may be recommended when the benefits of taking a different path are likely to be high.

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