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Gaining Weight can Help Minimize Breast Cancer Risks before Menopause

New research has discovered that women who gain weight before menopause can reduce their risk of breast cancer. Weight may protect early adulthood women against breast cancer.

A lot of women die from breast cancer in the United States. During a recent study;

Researchers explored previous findings to discover if weight gain in women between 18 and 40 years affected their risk of premenopausal breast cancer.

In older studies, scientists could not determine this fact because of lower rates of breast cancer incidences in young women.

Data from women in separate studies across the world was analyzed and divided according to age groups. The team gathered information about their weight and made a follow up for more than ten years.

Additional information was also analyzed to find out the possible confounding factors and help the team to understand the effects of weight gain alone.

The research team found out that gaining 10kg of weight in early adulthood lowered the risk of developing premenopausal breast cancer by 4% for every 5 kg gained.

However, gaining weight after 35-44 years did not affect the risk of the disease before menopause. This suggests that excess weight is associated with breast cancer risk.

More research is needed to verify these results and determine the precise mechanism that accounts for the connection between excessive weight gain and low breast cancer risk.

The connection between high body mass and lower risk for premenopausal breast cancer is still a puzzle for the researchers. They also discovered that while high weight during early adulthood had a strong connection with a reduced risk for breast cancer, late adulthood weight gain also had an independent effect in reducing the risk further.

However, women should know that the protective effect of weight gain ends after menopause when being overweight leads to increased breast cancer risk.

Women should also not consider the idea of gaining weight as a way to prevent breast cancer. Understanding the link between breast cancer risk and weight may lead to identifying new ways of preventing the disease.

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