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No Need for Chemotherapy to Cure Early-Detected Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is among the most invasive cancers in women all over the world. The risk of the disease increases when one is 40 years and above. You can reduce the risk of developing breast cancer by making lifestyle changes even if you are at high risk. Early detection can help find effective treatments and cure. A breast self-exam can help you identify any abnormalities in your breasts.

Although treatments for breast cancer are improving, there is still a need for more reliable methods that can help to effectively treat it. Researchers have found an effective way of treating breast cancer in its early stages without the option of chemotherapy.

Currently, patients who are diagnosed early undergo surgery to remove the tumor. After surgery, some of them have to undergo chemotherapy to remove any microscopic cells that might have remained in the body during surgery. However, chemotherapy has adverse side effects that can harm the body’s immune system, threatening the life of the patient.

In a study by senior oncologists;

  • Breast cancer patients were examined for over ten years. They were taken through an Oncotype test to find out the genetic profile of their tumors. Those women with low-risk recurrence of the disease were advised to stop chemotherapy.

These results are an indicator that breast cancer can be treated effectively in its early stages without the need for chemotherapy treatment. If this is the case, patients will not have to deal with the life-threatening side effects of chemo.

For a long time, people have had to endure the pain and other consequences that come with chemotherapy. But with the new developments in treatment, patients will no longer have to suffer. A breast cancer diagnosis has rapidly improved, and many women with early disease can now benefit from this new treatment procedure.

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