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Obesity is a Cancer Risk People Can Modify

Every form of cancer comes with its share of potential risk factors. Some of these factors can be modified and some simply cannot. While a person cannot alter their family history, gender or ethnicity to lower cancer risk, kicking a smoking habit, for example, is well within personal control. For those who are obese, shedding pounds may also prove to be an excellent way to lower risks related to some forms of cancer.

Researchers have found strong links between such cancers as kidney, colorectal, pancreatic and postmenopausal breast and obesity. While the mechanisms behind the link are not fully understood, the evidence supporting a connection is strong. One of the possible reasons, many have proposed, is that inflammation cytokines are increased in those who are obese due to an excess of adipose tissue. The connection between inflammation and cancer has also been established.

So, how can those who are carrying around extra pounds lower their cancer risks? Here are a few suggestions:
• Go in for a checkup – It’s not a bad idea to start off by going in for a routine checkup and to discuss overall cancer risks with a personal physician. He or she will be able to recommend any necessary screenings and can also offer insights on how to lose weight in a safe and healthy manner.
• Watch the diet – It’s often best to eat a number of small meals and snacks throughout the day. Make sure meals are healthy, well balanced and low in fat.
• Work exercise into the routine – Getting active can make a great deal of difference in overall health while also assisting with weight loss.

Cancer has many risk factors that are simply out of a person’s control. Some risks, however, can be tackled. Obesity is one of those factors and it’s related to some of the most commonly diagnosed forms of the disease. Taking steps to lower weight can make a big difference in those risks while also having a positive impact on overall health.

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