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Personalization Leads to the Best Prostate Cancer Treatment in Texas

When a doctor shares a diagnosis of prostate cancer with patients, it’s not uncommon for men to be taken aback. Once the initial shock wears off, however, the search for the best prostate cancer treatment in Texas is likely to begin. Men who face this diagnosis will find the best treatment is likely to come from a provider who takes a highly personalized, patient-specific approach to care. Prostate cancer does not have a single, clear-cut treatment path. The best options very much hinge on the case at hand and a man and his doctor’s personal preferences for treatment.

Men seeking prostate cancer care in Texas will find several different treatment options are widely available. Based on the staging, risk and aggressiveness of the tumors, these options may be recommended:

• Active surveillance – Not all prostate cancer cases demand immediate, invasive intervention. In low risk cases where tumors are believed to be highly slow growing, men may benefit from nothing more than routine monitoring of the disease. This non-treatment form of treatment enables men to enjoy a high quality of life while monitoring ensures intervention should the need arise.
• Surgery – In moderate to higher risk cases, a radical prostatectomy may be recommended. This form of treatment removes the diseased gland, but does have some potentially permanent side effects that go along with it.
• Radiotherapy – Radiation has been proven to be highly successful in treating prostate cancer. Even in the earlier stages, if risk level is high, this option may be suggested.
• Brachytherapy – The implantation of tiny radioactive seeds or pellets directly into a prostate cancer tumor can produce tremendous and targeted results. Although side effects are associated with this form of radiation, the risk tends to be lower than with standard radiation or surgery.

Men who are diagnosed with prostate cancer will find the best treatment options are highly personalized. To find the best prostate cancer treatment in Texas, it is recommended men seek out healthcare providers who take a patient-specific approach to tackling this disease.

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