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Should You Get PSA Tests When you’re Over 75 Years?

It is recommended to start PSA screening at age 40 to 50 depending on your risks. Major professional bodies are against PSA screening for older adults with low life expectancy. They are concerned about patients being over-diagnosed and overtreated.

Prostate cancer is often referred to as an old man’s disease, and many patients don’t die from prostate cancer, but from other causes unrelated to the disease. As a man ages, their cellular structures degrade and become prone to a lot of mutations, cancer included. Many autopsy studies have shown that about 30% of men above age 50 have died with undiagnosed prostate cancer.

Because of better health awareness and access to better healthcare, more men with prostate cancer are living longer. A patient’s life expectancy depends on factors such as lifestyle habits, family history, and other coexisting conditions.

A large number of elderly men are often diagnosed with prostate cancer, although many of the cases have insignificant cell lines that are not a threat to the patient. Aggressive prostate cancer is common as men age, and some of them benefit a lot from definitive therapy.

To some, screening for prostate cancer in older males is necessary, especially those people who still enjoy good health and are looking forward to many more years of life.

However, some physicians and urologists are not willing to screen men after a certain age for fear that radiation or surgery may be too harsh for the elderly patients. This is because whole gland treatments can stress the body and inflict side effects that may harm the patient’s quality of life.

Instead of prostate-specific antigen testing, there’s an alternative focal prostate cancer therapy like MRI guided Focal Laser Ablation (FLA), which is a minimally invasive and highly targeted outpatient procedure with very little or no risk. It is ideal for elderly men with an aggressive cell line and can destroy your tumor without harming your lifestyle.

Knowing that an effective treatment with minimalist effects is available for elderly men with localized prostate cancer is reassuring for both patients and physicians who are not sure whether to offer PSA tests to them. Focal therapy offers much confidence to men who have neglected screening for many years.

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