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The Connection between a Sedentary Lifestyle and Higher Cancer Risks

Many people spend most of their time sitting than it has ever been in history. The health risks associated with a sedentary lifestyle have started coming to the forefront in the recent times, thanks to the many studies and profound research on the subject.

Can sitting for longer periods increase your cancer risk?

In short, it possibly can. According to research, people with a sedentary lifestyle-those who sit for an average of six and eight hours a day with little or no breaks, are vulnerable to numerous health complications. They are at the risk of developing heart diseases, arthritis, diabetes, and cancer.

While the connection remains unclear, experts suggest that high levels of insulin in the blood and poor circulation contribute to health problems such as fatty deposits within the arteries that contribute to cardiovascular disease as well as cell growth that causes cancer. Recent findings reveal that sitting for prolonged periods creates an increased risk of breast, colon and endometrial cancers.

Can exercise help?

Surprisingly, even one to hours at the gym after constantly sitting for many hours a day may not be adequate to offset the hazardous health effects of sedentary living.

The right approach is to break up long sitting periods with short periods of activity. While not everyone can stand for long periods of time, it’s crucial to stand up, stretch and get your legs in motion throughout the day. It’s much better than setting aside some hours at the gym every week. According to experts, rising up and moving around every half an hour is ideal.

For those who are already cancer patients, meditation and yoga can help you to overcome the monotony of sitting. You can also incorporate a couple of gentle activities that relieve stress.


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