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Texas Oncology – Innovative Cancer Treatments‎ from Choice Cancer Care

It is estimated that 120,000 Texans may get cancer in 2018, and most of them will seek treatment from oncology cancer care centers in Texas where physicians are finding innovative ways to combat cancer. Choice Cancer Care is one of those cancer treatment centers in Texas.

While chemotherapy remains to be the standard approach for cancer treatment, doctors continue to explore new creative methods for treating cancer. Here are some innovative cancer treatment methods:

Immunotherapy – This method boosts your immune system to be able to fight cancer. Immunotherapy has been among the biggest cancer treatment trends for the past four to five years. Immunotherapy was used to treat former President Jimmy Carter.

Precision medicine-As clinical trials and research continue, drugs could target particular cancer genes to fight cancer. For example, Gleevec is a drug discovered to battle Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia (CML). A report published on cancer.gov shows that a person who has been in remission after undergoing Gleevec treatment for two years has the same life expectancy as a person who does not have cancer.

Human touch-Personalized care is critical when it comes to cancer treatment. That is why most cancer care centers in Texas have doctors, medical assistants and nurses who are compassionate and caring in their interaction with patients.

While there are situations where even those who are extremely optimistic can’t overcome cancer, having a support network of friends and family can be useful when undergoing treatment.

While the number of individuals developing pancreatic cancer has been on the rise, cancer-related deaths have been on the decline. According to the American Cancer Society’s recent study, in 2015, the cancer death rate for women and men combine dropped to 26 percent from its highest point in 1991.

Scientists say that the fall in cancer related deaths is due to increased screening tests and other breakthroughs such as targeted gene therapies. A decline in smoking is the other reason for the drop.

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