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Better Treatment Options for Breast Cancer

Breast cancer claims the lives of many people in developed countries. Women are the most affected with this disease. Often, most people realize they have breast cancer when it’s too late, and the condition is no longer curable. 

This article highlights some symptoms of breast cancer and the treatment options. 

Here are the symptoms of breast cancer 

  • Nipple retraction
  • Irritating rashes on your breast nipple
  • Bloody or clear discharge on the nipple
  • Puckering of the skin
  • Your breast begins to change in size

Advancement in Surgery

The treatment for breast cancer depends on the stage of the disease. In most cases, more than one treatment is used. The most useful advances in breast cancer include endocrine therapy, targeted therapy, chemotherapy, surgery, and radiotherapy.

Nowadays, breast cancer surgery is more detailed. With the technology advancement, surgeons can ensure patients do not lose their entire breast after undergoing surgery. The operation may focus on removing the infected tissues in the breast, causing minimal damage to the patient’s cosmetic appearance. Also, the surgeon may opt for chemotherapy to shrink the tumor before getting rid of it.

If you want the whole breast removed you can opt for breast reconstruction to improve your cosmetic appearance. The repair is done using silicon or fatty muscle implant. The healthy tissues used in the reconstruction of the breast are often harvested from the areola or nipple. The reconstruction process helps women to recover their cosmetic appearance. 

In the past, breast cancer surgery involved the draining of all lymph nodes to test for cancer. Radical surgery has now made it simple to test for breast cancer and prevent the extensive complications that result from extensive surgeries. 

In sum, it’s essential to go for regular cancer screening. Monthly breast examination will help in early detection and treatment for breast cancer. Women should not be afraid of being diagnosed with cancer. This disease is treatable, thanks to a variety of treatment methods available.

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