• Support for Cancer Caregivers

    September 3, 2014
    Cancer, as an individual battle, is a challenge to be sure. But watching someone you love go through cancer can be terrifying. You want to do everything you can to support them in every way; but when you’re struggling with your own emotions - fear, anger, confusion, etc. - it becomes very challenging to be fully present for more
  • Tips for Asking Your Doctor About Alternative Cancer Treatments

    If the diagnosis is cancer, chances are you and your doctor want to take a pretty aggressive approach to remove it and make sure it’s gone for good. That’s wise, however, there are sometimes when the more aggressive approach is more aggressive than necessary for the condition at hand. There are procedures in some cases that can preserve more
  • Southlake Oncology Embraces Compassionate Care

    July 11, 2014
    Our feature in the October 2012 edition of Living magazine: SouthlakeOncologyLivingCoverOct12read more

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