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Dr. Amelia Tower explains the numerous benefits of virtual colonoscopy

Southlake, TX – Mar 14, 2020–A virtual colonoscopy helps to locate growths and polyps that grow inside the colon lining. Such polyps may turn cancerous as they grow. The procedure can also identify abnormalities such as bleeding, and diverticulosis in the colon and rectum. It involves the use of a CT scan to take images of the large intestine. The American Cancer Society recommends that people begin screening for colon cancer at the age of 50. People at high risk, like a family history of the disease, should start screening earlier. 

“Virtual colonoscopies can diagnose early colon cancer in men and women,” explained Dr. Tower. “Doctors use them to look at the colon and rectum to find any abnormalities such as tumors or polyps. If found early, the polyps can be surgically removed before they turn cancerous. If there is cancer, they can cure it while in the early stages.”

Here are some advantages of virtual colonoscopy;

  • Virtual colonoscopy is effective for imaging colorectal polyps and does not require the use of a colonoscope. This makes it more comfortable and less invasive for patients compared to conventional colonoscopy.
  • The procedure can be performed safely without administering a sedative to the patient.
  • There is less risk of colon perforation or bleeding during virtual colonoscopy.
  • A virtual colonoscopy procedure takes about 10 to 15 minutes. After the procedure, a patient can resume normal activities immediately.
  • Patients can safely continue with their anticoagulation therapy
  • Doctors also get the chance to examine and evaluate the abdominal compartment and see if there are other conditions or abnormalities.

“A positive result on virtual colonoscopy will allow doctors to remove the polyps immediately before they grow,” continued Dr. Tower. “This will help to rid the body of cancer early and restore the patient’s health. Always consult with your doctor for advice and questions regarding the best available options for your unique case.”

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