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Integrative Therapies Offered at Southlake Oncology

Southlake, TX – Aug 26, 2020–Southlake Oncology is a great choice for a cancer care center. This is due to its commitment to providing comprehensive patient care combined with respect and compassion. Their oncologists develop personal relationships with patients to ensure they create tailored treatment plans that focus on their medical and individual needs.

Apart from medical care, Southlake Oncology also provides integrative therapies, emotional support, and nutritional guidance to patients. Their healthcare team understands that integrative cancer treatments can help relieve symptoms of cancer and help patients cope with their condition. They can be used alongside clinical therapies to alleviate symptoms such as stress, sleeping disorders, vomiting, and nausea.

Some of the integrative therapies can include aromatherapy, meditation, acupuncture, massage therapy, exercise, yoga or tai chi, music therapy, meditation, and relaxation techniques. At Southlake Oncology, doctors will help patients to establish a balance between traditional therapies and integrative options.

The oncology clinic has helped many cancer patients improve their health through integrative therapies. Cancer patients have been able to cope with the side effects of cancer and its treatments successfully by combining integrative cancer therapies to fight the disease. Integrative cancer therapy is known to be effective as they help to enhance the body’s immune system and restore the patient’s natural health.

Southlake Oncology offers cancer treatment in Texas and the surrounding regions to help as many patients as possible fight and defeat the disease. They use cutting edge equipment and technology to ensure a patient receives accurate diagnosis and treatment for their unique type of cancer. With integrative therapies to support their medication, many patients have managed to have positive outcomes. The center ensures every patient’s overall well being is catered to with comprehensive care from their expert oncologists, nutritionists, and other healthcare professionals.

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