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Informational Articles

  • Can You Have Colon Cancer without Any Symptoms?
    Colon cancer is the world’s third most common type of cancer, and fourth when it comes to the causes of cancer-associated deaths. The complex disease is linked to both lifestyle and genetic factors. To reduce death and suffering, oncologists conduct tests to prevent colon cancer or spot it at its earliest stages. Can You Have […]
  • Breast Cancer Screenings during COVID-19 and Your Safety
    COVID-19 has left many women undecided whether or not to postpone or avoid their breast cancer screening. But most breast cancer clinics and breast cancer screening facilities have put COVID-19 safety protocols in place and continue to help patients. Breast cancer is treatable when caught early. For cancer treatment, screening tests are used to detect […]
  • Nicotine Aids in the Spread of Lung Cancer to the Brain
    A new study has confirmed that nicotine helps lung cancer to spread to the brain. Nicotine is not carcinogenic but is mainly responsible for the addictive nature of cigarettes. It is used in a lot of products like nicotine patches, which help people quit smoking. According to the new study, nicotine is very harmful, especially […]
  • The Connection between Colorectal Cancer and Blood Infections
    According to new research, there’s a link between blood infections and colorectal cancer. The infections are caused by anaerobic bacteria in the blood. Certain blood infections increase your risk of developing colorectal cancer. The study is designed to help doctors to effectively screen patients for colorectal cancer. Risk factors for colorectal cancer include age, genetic […]
  • Colon Cancer Can be Prevented, Treated and Cured
    Colorectal cancer is among some of the commonly diagnosed cancers. It begins in rectum or colon, which are part of the digestive system. When polyps start growing in the colon, they can become cancerous with time. Screening tests can help identify and remove polyps before they become cancer. This will help to treat it effectively. […]

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