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Breast Cancer Screenings during COVID-19 and Your Safety

COVID-19 has left many women undecided whether or not to postpone or avoid their breast cancer screening. But most breast cancer clinics and breast cancer screening facilities have put COVID-19 safety protocols in place and continue to help patients.

Breast cancer is treatable when caught early. For cancer treatment, screening tests are used to detect precancerous and cancerous material in women. Women who continue regular screenings may help save their life with early detection.

Professionals advise that you may postpone screening for a few months, but don’t avoid it all together. Consider resuming your scheduled mammogram if you had canceled or avoided one during this pandemic. 

Southlake Oncology Has Put Safety Protocols in Place for Patients Diagnosed with Cancer

Southlake Oncology is prepared for the coronavirus. We have updated our policies to guarantee the safety of our staff and patients. We take all the necessary precautions to keep our patients and staff safe by adhering to standard safety measures and cleaning procedures.

To ensure the safety of our staff and patients, only patients are allowed to our facility. Any caregiver that brings them to our clinic will need to stay in the car as we see our patient. This measure is meant to prevent the possible exposure of caregivers and others to the coronavirus.

Only under special arrangements with the physician, can caregivers be permitted to accompany a patient to the clinic.

We will keep monitoring the situation and adjusting our policies in line with the local, national, and regional guidelines.

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